Peekaboo Moments Photos Backup Tool

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A: We've been using the app named PEEKABOO MOMENTS for a long time now, we're paying customers. "VIP" customers, as they call it. Before, they used to let you download all of your content as a local backup; photos and texts. Recently, I've noticed the backup function is GONE. Nowhere to be found. I contacted them, and they say the function is removed. REMOVED, yes. Uhhh... so... we're paying customers. "VIP" means we're "Very Important" I thought? Does anyone know if "VIP" has alternate meanings? Like "To Be F-ed With"? Because this isn't how I expect to be treated as a paying customer. If anyone has a backup workaround, knows how to access the Amazon file storage behind Peekaboo Moments, please share! But actually I'm not so sure this is possible. So I guess this is just a warning to

B: We use for almost a year now. It's a great app, but I encountered limitations when I make backups. The people behind Peekaboo Moments are also not responding to questions. Because all the diary entries you write + all the photos and movies you upload end up 'in the cloud' and amounts to a lot of data, it's important to download backups every now and then. This is the user's responsibility, and so I do that. Photos and video's are all there as the original (jpg) photo and movie files. Text content (diary entries) goes into a single large .json file, an open format. Seems good so far, right? Recently I found out that the .json file doesn't contain photo comments. So a large amount of written content is out in the cloud, and we're unable to back it up. I don't like that. Does anyone else have this problem? Is this a vendor lock-in thing? (i.e. similar to Facebook not allowing you to download your entire profile content) I couldn't find anything about this

There are many...

But we have this tools to download peekaboo moments photos and videos:

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